mz » hi
anjelle » *sigh* I miss you.
Melly » ya for babies. you will have to share pictures and happy halloween by the way.
Deirdre » Aww, babies. Hi.
anjelle » wench! you didn't tell me you were writing here again! *pokes belly*
Destiny » check out my horrible stories about my bfs mother just started soon to be updated
Gigglesbee » HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!
raejane » How are you sweetie! Miss you.
Giggles » Thanks for checking in! I hope you're doing well. How's the bambina??
raejane » I hope you are well!!!
Gigglesbee » ok....where's the post I was promised??? I hope you're doing well, and taking very good care of yourself!
J f Z » Woot!
Giggles » Checking in.....have you gotten settled in yet??
raejane » Hoping you had a great weekend!
raejane » have a great weekend!
Melly » you are blogging again...yippeee.
herbert » greetings from germany
raejane » Oh, I hope you feel better soon. It can be tough being pregnant and then to be sick on top of it... Let m know if you need any advice : )
Giggles » Wow...that's quick! The 19th?? I'm so happy for you! i think this will be just what you need. I do wish you had been able to head down this way, too.
lackluster » i do really like ur posts. but at the same time i dont really know how give comment on em. hey hold on.
lackluster » hey karma, try pastel colours. always looks good =) and btw, i really dig ur place! ;D
Karma » I wanna redo my blog with a cheezy BABY theme, in lavendar and sage colors, anyone have any good ideas??
Giggles » hehe - yeah, the body goes through hell. Once you get past the first trimester, you'll get a bit of a break before the worst of it comes. It's all worth it though...just look at what you're getting!
Bellavita » Just wanted to say hi and congrats and i hope all is beautiful and well!
Anjelle » gorgeous girly, you're welcome to lick anything you want.
mrs. a » just blog hopping!
Giggles » Holy crap!! Congratulations!! Are you happy??? What are your plans?? Is he happy? Goodness....this is so exciting!
Giggles » YAY...your blog is working now. I tried coming here yesterday and it gave me an error. You're preggers????
Melly » congrats on the news. thats exciting to hear about. im sure it will bring lots of joy to your heart.
Giggles » I have my work AIM account, but I made a new one for personal. it's GigglesBeeFL.
Giggles » Yeah, I can imagine it would get old pretty quick to be stuck inside. I can't even imagine the snow...I've lived in Florida too long! Do you have any job leads?
Melly » yep i had the little one in may. i didn't talk about it too much online, but i don't update very often anyway. and we probably won't have another one for probably another 4 years
Giggles » congrats! i hope everything is going good! Do you like NJ? I've only been "through" it once, on our way to NY.
Giggles » congrats! i hope everything is going good! Do you like NJ? I've only been "through" it once, on our way to NY.
Giggles » New Jersey???? I thought you were moving to Florida? What'cha doin in NJ? Catch me up!!
Giggles » sounds like you've had a lot going on lately. I'd love to catch up. Email me?
sarah » hi!you have a nice blog..
the truth about deez » hi mami, i miss you
Anjelle » ...I totally read that as 'kiss' ass instead of 'kick.' Because I'm smart like that.
YKM? » Kick ass blog!
the truth about deez » hey mami, it's deez, new blog location, visit me!
Anjelle » *tap tap tap* is this thing on?
Sasha » M'k. That... makes sence
Anjelle » Uhh... I dunno, I was just being silly. Bad for staying home?
Sasha » okay. Why am I bad?
Anjelle » Bad Sasha! Bad!
Sasha » Hey Andi, This is the weekend that I'm sapposed to stay with you while my parents go to Wa. But imma stay home bcuz of the dogs and stuff.
Parisian15 »
CM » Very Pretty
Giggles » Thank you...and happy belated to you as well.
CuriouslyMad » did you ever make the crochet turtle? I'd love a picture of it. I just started on the doggie. looking at the patterns gave me an urge to crochet one.
CuriouslyMad » <-- clicky.
Em » i LOVE your blog, thanks for your kind words. x
Sasha » You know another Sasha?
Melly »
sasha »
CuriouslyMad » thanks
Anjelle » Neato-skeeto!
Anjelle » OH WOW! Do you collect Barbies or something?
Anjelle » *falls over*
Scyleia » Happy happy birthday!
scyleia/wordweave » I just read Shawna's tag...I hope you consider returning to the tribe!
Anjelle » Happy Solstice, Karma my love!
Scyleia » hi
winston » name> whore? I've had name> address. Not as much fun, I feel
Anjelle » well, your addy IS 'yarnwhore' so it might be a forgivable mistake... if one was feeling generous
Karma » Whore??? Why...whore get paid honey. I just do it for the fun. Fuck you very much.
Captain_Kink » Hi Karma - just blog-hopping - hope your week is a great one
Anjelle » Gr, and snarl, and all kinds of man-strangling. So how are you?
Harmonia AKA Jennair » Great layout, btw
Harmonia AKA Jennair » Hi there! Found you thru Shawna and Anjelle. I'm in the tribe too!
shawna » wanna come back to the tribe? we have 25 members and 50 daily posts... anjelle and wordweave are in it now *hopeful smile*
shawna » hey sweets
Scyleia » I miss your posts
wordweave » pssst...I have a new site
Anjelle » *poke poke* Did you go to the festival? Was it fun?
Rae » ooo, yay, another knitter!
ladyquestra » Hey Girlie, where you been?
bustmybuttons » Gypsy sent me
Sharkbait » Urban Gypsy sent me...Love the blog!!
LiSaDeLgAdo » by way of Urban Gypsy... definitely glad she pointed this place out.
wordweave » I'm technically here because Urban Gypsy just sent me, but I'm sure I'd have dropped in anyhow
Marti » Ohhh. Pretty. I like this site...Urban Gypsy sent me.
Katie » Bloggin from Urban Gypsys sight
Misty Eyed » Urban Gypsy sent me here...nice site
Davis Girl » Hi...Urban Gypsy sent me.
Not Now » Urban Gypsy Sent me
Urban Gypsy » You're my site of the day!
wordweave » 'ello!
wordweave » just popping in
Kate » I like yoiur blog. I'm just hopping around this morning and stumbled in. Your title is terrific.
-stankz » pass it on! click my name babygirl!
Shiana » Luvin the colors...
-stankz » hi ma =]
wordwave » *lurk*
Anjelle » *poke*
wordweave » just popped in to say hi
-stankz » hey baby girl
andy » uauuuu very very good template
damissus » VERY COOL BLOG!!!